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You can see a bear charging around on a Canadian golf course. He is a golfer with two minds, making his way or running away.

After a BEAR ran amok on a Canadian golf course, a GOLF player was stunned.

Tim Jeves was playing on the 12th hole of Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club, British Columbia, when the bear confronted him.

In bizarre footage, a bear chased a Canadian golf course.

Amazingly, the bear scaled a tree and allowed Jeves to record it.

USA Today asked him this question: "Does it make me big and then back away, or do I run?"

"I knew that I was supposed to do the latter for a cub, but I couldn't recall what advice I had been given for a fearsome charging bear.

"I honestly didn't have the time to think. Although I won't claim I ran, I can assure you that I didn't slow down.

"I was quickly moving and shouting out "Hey bear!" To scare him or slow him down.

"It didn’t. "It didn't.

"If it had come at him, that was the one thing that would have slowed him down."

After golfers in Florida were left shocked last year when an alligator strolled along the course, Jeves can be thankful it wasn't a bear.

It became so popular that it was soon dubbed "Godzilla" by social media users.

Valencia Golf and Country Club was the scene. It is undoubtedly not far from the largest Gator ever captured in Florida, at 5.31 metres.