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Watch shocking moment huge cobra flees from mongoose on golf course and jumps over obstacle leaving fans stunned

A COBRA left fans in astonishment after fleeing a mongoose by slithering on to a golf course and jumping over an obstacle.

The snake can be seen moving on to the fairway after coming out of the trees behind it.

A cobra snake slithered away from a mongoose in the background

The snake made its way on to the golf course and leapt over an obstacle

Fans could not believe the snake jumped over the object

The mongoose is just about visible in the background and decides against following the cobra on to the course.

And the snake remarkably leaps over a small black object as it continues to further its way on to the finely cut grass.

The video, shared on Tuesday, has already been viewed on Twitter two million times.

According to some of the responses, the golf course is in Cape Town, South Africa.

The original post came with the caption: “Koperkapel (Cape Cobra), on our ladies’ tee box!

“I’m definitely going to hit straight from now on!”

And social media users were quick to react in their droves as they voiced their shock at the clip.

One said: “What in the world kind of golf course is this… I’d definitely be skipping that hole.”


Another added: “That cobra is beautiful. Also, I would never play golf there ever again.”

A third replied: “The way it whipped on to that marker was scary.”

While a fourth responded: “Get this damn sign out of my way!


And a fifth said: “Show off, it noticed it was being recorded and did a little jump.



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