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Paige Spiranac puts fans on notice as she drops the ball while bending down in "How people think I play Golf" video

PAIGE SPIRANAC gave fans an eyeful as she bent down to drop a ball while joking “this is how people think I play golf.”

The American beauty is one of the top putting influencers on planet earth.

Paige Spiranac left little to the imagination in a parody video about her golf skills

The American beauty is one of the top putting influencers out there
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She regularly provides budding golf enthusiasts with top tips for the green.

And Paige also thrills followers with sexy snaps on social media.

She has acquired a loyal fan base as a result.

And they were not disappointed with her latest effort.

Paige posted a video online parodying how some people view her golf skills, with the caption reading: “How people think I play lol.”

Wearing a low-cut dress that left little to the imagination, Paige first gingerly placed a ball on a tee.

She said: “Oh, I’m not very good at golf, let me just… tee it up.”

Paige then acted like she didn’t know how to use the golf club.

She continued “I mean, how do I even hold this thing? I don’t know.”

Paige’s next move saw her swing at the ball, but she purposefully missed.

The blonde bombshell gasped: “Oh no! I whipped! Let me try again.”

This time, Paige really made contact with a fine hit.

And she added: “Did you see that? It went 10 whole yards! Let’s go!”

Fans showed their support for Paige in the comments.

One said: “Goddess. Supermodel. Icon.”

Another declared: “This is adorable Paige.”

One noted: “Wild for this one.”

Another added: “Unique and beautiful.”

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