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Paige Spiranac demonstrates her sexiness on the way to the golf course, before shocking players with an 'absolute-dart' shot

FANS called Paige Spiranac a “beauty” and a “beast” as she dressed daringly in snow white – looking happy and never bashful.

A “beauty” – as the ex-pro golfer motored onto the course as if in in A Buggy’s Life. And a “beast” – for then monstering the ball off the tees.

Paige Spiranac’s low-cut look clicked with viewers before she started her round and she then delivered some dream shots

Golf fans didn’t need to be eagle-eyed to appreciate Paige’s talents

The social media star produced an arrowing performance

From beer to return tee – Paige awed onlookers by downing a can before she wowed with her golf

Fellow social media stars Bobby Fairways, Joey Coldcuts praised her for “throwing absolute darts” on a round where the banter flowed as smoothly as her drives.

The video follows a clip posted by Paige of herself smiling as she downed a beer – surrounded by fellow players – to promote a competition.

She then hit double top for street cred with fans by proving her golf is as impressive as ever.

One viewer said: “Everyone had some great shots, and Paige‘s approach for Eagle was stellar!”

Earlier in the week, of course, it might also have been Stella.

And a fan drinking in all the American’s assets posted: “Paige honestly seems like a cool person. Not to mention a phenomenal golfer and beautiful.”

A third enthusiast was even wilder in his enthusiasm as he posted:  “Man, Paige has it all, what an absolute beast!”

The 30-year-old, who has 3.8million Instagram followers, wore a plunging white round-the-neck golf dress as she headed out in a golf cart.

The ex-pro showed a different side to her character

The American gives a leg-up to her huge following with regular photos

Paige shows where her loyalties lie – which is to daring outfits, of course

And on the course she was in black leggings plus a white tracksuit top zipped only half up.

But on the greens it was only the doubters of her ability who were left undone – as she delivered with her drives.

“Some really good golf,” said one fan, and another added: “What an incredible video! Paige truly fits in great with the boys! Vibes off the charts!”