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Paige Spiranac, a golf beauty who is a 'brand to uphold', once made colleagues squirm with her low-cut top when she was filming.

GOLF beauty Paige Spiranac has revealed that she dresses a certain way because she has ‘an image to uphold’.

The 30-year-old sportswoman is renowned for her glamorous appearance on the course.

Spiranac explained how she often dresses differently on the golf course

She has an army of followers on social media

Spiranac has over three million Instagram followers

But she admits she does not always try to look that way as it is dependent on whether she is playing for the camera.

When asked why she was more conservatively dressed on some days more than others, she told the co-host of her podcast Playing A Round With Paige Renee: “I think it was because the first day I didn’t have to do any content.

“And I even told you two I need to know when we’re filming because I dress differently and present myself very differently when I’m doing a normal Zoom meeting with colleagues compared to when we’re shooting content.

“And I even remember the first time we were shooting the first real one you were like ‘Oh, ok! You got all dressed up this time’.

“So if I have something after, I think that’s why the shirt got a little lower cut.”

She then went on to add: “I mean I have to (put effort into how I look).

“I have a brand and an image to uphold.”


Paige has recently revealed more home truths about herself in a Q&A Instagram special.

And things got a little personal as the blonde beauty revealed whether her boobs are real or fake.

Spiranac said: “My most asked question!

“I’m usually very cheeky about this and will not directly answer it.

“But I will today. Yes, they are real.”

Paige has also been an open critic of the new Saudi-backed LIV Series and savaged golfer Phil Mickelson for his participation.

She has now carved herself out a career as both a golf pro and social media influencer

Spirinac is famed for her low cut tops

She provides golf tips on Instagram