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Karin Hart poses in a plunging crop top while chasing down rainy weather with a golf cart.

GOLF Influencer Karin Hart has stunned fans and rocked a racy outfit as she played golf in rainy weather.

The Instagram model filmed herself from her golf cart as she gave fans a weather update from the golf course.

Golf influencer Karin Hart stunned fans and rocked a racy outfit as she played golf in rainy weather

The star updated fans on her Instagram

Karin donned a sexy outfit for the video that showed off her slender frame.

The star wore a tiny skin-tight white shirt that cropped under her boobs and showed off a strip of stomach.

The top was also low-cut, which accentuated her bare cleavage and her nipples could be seen poking through the fabric.

She paired the look with a tight brown skirt and simple gold accessories.

Karin adjusted her blond locks with her gloved hand.

“Chasing down the weather. It looks like it’s about to rain,” Karin said to the camera.

She turned the camera around as she was being driven along and showed a green course with cloudy weather.

“Will it rain on us today?” Karin captioned the post, with a poll where fans could respond yes or no.


Karin then posted a selfie in the same outfit, but this time giving a sultry look to the camera.

“Fit change. Can’t wait to share this content with you,” Karin teased as she changed into another sexy outfit in the following Stories.

The influencer was filming content for her 184,000 followers.

This was not the first time Karin showed off her toned figure to followers, with the star also teasing fans over the weekend.

Karin filmed herself in her bathroom and showed off her toned body.

The social media star pulled up her sweater to show the sports bra underneath.

She rolled her leggings down slightly to give a clear view of her flat stomach.

“Abs be poppin this rainy Sunday morning,” Karin added.

The golfer suffered from the rainy weather

Karin teased new content for her fans

The star showed off the results of her workout