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Karin Hart, Paige Spiranac's rival, shows off her 'Marilyn Monroe look' as she wears a slinky dress and braless on a night out

GOLF influencer Karin Hart has enjoyed a recent night out while sporting a Marilyn Monroe look.

The social media star sported a stunning brown dress and Marilyn-like hair-do with short blond curls as she headed for a birthday party in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Golf influencer Karin Hart showed off a Marilyn Monore look on a recent night out

Karin sported a brown dress and Marilyn-like hair-do with short blond curls as she headed for a birthday party

Hart documented her night out on Instagram

Hart, 34, made sure to show off her ensemble on social media, sharing videos and snaps of herself in the outfit with her 179,000 Instagram followers.

“She’s giving Marilyn Monroe vibe,” a caption in one clip read.

In another post, Karin offered a take on short hair looks.

“I’m indifferent,” she wrote.

“I like my hair long and short, and am grateful for extensions so I can switch it up regularly.”

During the party, she also posed for a photo with a stranger wearing a Hulk Hogan outfit.

The influencer claimed she took the snap because she liked the WWE legend.

Hart, who’s treading a similar path as famous golf influencer Paige Spiranac, has had one of her Instagram accounts suspended and terminated recently.

The account, dedicated to golf content, allegedly broke community guidelines, according to the screenshot of an email she received from the social media platform.

The upset Karin called out Instagram on her main account.

“Instagram needs to fix the scamming problems and stop suspending real accounts and taking away from their creators!” she wrote.

“What community guidelines did I break on my Instagram account?

“Goodbye to my dream of having a golf-focused Instagram account. 

“Thank you to everyone who followed me on there. I was so excited to share this journey with you guys.”

Hart took a picture with a stranger donning a Hulk Hogan outfit during the party because, the influencer said, she liked the WWE legend

Hart has over 179k followers on Instagram