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Amazing moment Tommy Fleetwood makes hole-in-one in plane at 30,000ft... but it's not what you think

THE sky doesn’t appear to be the limit for Tommy Fleetwood.

The golf star seemingly sunk a hole-in-one from 30,000ft in a new video on social media.

Tommy Fleetwood appeared to get a hole-in-one from inside a cargo plane

The video showed a camera man skydive after the ball

He looked as if he was descending over Dubai

The ball landed on the green at Dubai Creek golf course

It rolled into the hole for an incredible hole-in-one

Fleetwood was seen swinging an iron in the back of a cargo plane in a video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the DP World Tour.

And after typically catching the ball pure, the clip then showed a camera man skydive after it to see where it would land.

The sensational strike seemed to soar through the air and looked as if it landed directly on the green at Dubai Creek golf course before trickling into the cup for a memorable hole-in-one.

Although those watching on thinking the clip was too good to be true… would be right.

The video, as entertaining as it was, clearly had been made using CGI and was not actually a real shot.

Although that didn’t stop golf fans from enjoying it nonetheless.

One took to social media to write: “I know it’s fake, but this is still pretty cool!”

And another added: “I love how obviously fake it is, makes it really enjoyable. Can’t underestimate the amount of editing work that went into this!”


Although Fleetwood – and anyone for that matter – would be unable to pull this shot off in reality, he has still has some special shots in recent times.

The 33-year-old has sunk a number of hole-in-ones on tour including a memorable one at the Masters back in 2021.

And he’s no stranger to impressing on Dubai Creek golf course either with the Ryder Cup hero winning the Dubai Invitational there last month.

Tommy Fleetwood won the Dubai Invitational at Dubai Creek last month