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Alligator takes a stroll across the fairway at the Zurich Classic's 17th tee in New Orleans.

A PGA Tour event was delayed after an alligator invaded the course.

Play was suspended at the Zurich Open in New Orleans, USA, after the reptile walked across the grass at the 17th hole.

An alligator invaded the course at the Zurich Open

Alligators are often seen at the course in Lousiana

Bronson Burgoon was preparing to tee off at the time along with Camillo Vegas, Sam Stevens, and Paul Barjon.

The alligator slowly made its way across the fairway – a familiar site at TPC at Louisiana golf course.

The commentator explained: “Time has been called at 17. So that particular critter has four legs.

“For a long time legendary alligator which was named Tripod was here, he has three legs as you might imagine.

“There’s another three-legged alligator that’s been spotted around the course recently, but he’s missing his front left leg, Tripod was missing his front right leg.”

Fans found the interruption hilarious as players were left to practice their swings as they waited around.

One said: “An alligator crossing the tee box at Zurich Classic



Another added: “Put him on the clock already.”


A third wrote: “Don’t mind me just passing through.”

And another commented: “Still faster than half the Tour.”

Alligators are commonplace at some courses in the US and last month one was spotted swimming in water at the Cognizant Classic in Florida.

A few weeks prior some unfortunate golfers were even attacked by an angry alligator in Florida.